Our Solution:

ZYGO’s answer to the challenge of scanning and gathering accurate data from all surface types regardless of reflectivity or texture is the Nexview™ NX2. This revolutionary model delivers the results you need with the advanced features you want.

Nexview NX2:

Zygo’s most advanced and robust non-contact surface profiler

  • Robust Measurement - ZYGO’s advanced SureScan™ technology provides an advanced level of vibration rejection.
  • Full 3D Visualization - True color photorealistic 3D imaging, and colorized height scales—with uncompromised speed and precision
  • Large Area Sensor - Gathers up to 1.9 million data points in a single measurement field
  • Constant Vertical Precision - Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) delivers Sub-nanometer vertical precision at all magnifications
  • Fast, High Precision Scanning - Piezo based objective scanner enables fast, high precision scanning needed for production applications.
  • Intuitive Software - Easy to use, and easy to learn with powerful control and analysis tools
  • Built-in measurement modes for all surfaces
  • Fully automated head for quick setup
  • Heavy duty 200mm motorized XY stages for stitching and patterns
  • Electronics and isolation workstation integration
  • Sturdy crash protection
  • Spacious workspace for large samples
  • Powerful, non-contact profiling
  • High fidelity surface mapping and visualization
  • Built-in pass/fail, SPC, reporting, and run statistics

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